Free Vending Machines.

We understand getting a vending machine can be a difficult process - you may not know which machine to buy, the costs, the long-term expenses, the need to regularly refill the machine, hold excess stock etc.

With our Free Vending Machines - you don't need to worry about any of this.

What vending machines can we offer?

At Perth Vending we have 3 types of vending machines:

Drink Machine

Drink Machine

At Perth Vending, we can offer a range of thirst quenchers at your fingertips. We can offer a unique drink selection that caters for a range of users from soft drinks, hydrating coconut water, fresh juices, protein shakes, iced coffees and energy drinks.

Snack Vending machine

Snack machines

Our extensive range of snacks includes healthy options and quick meals.

Now that’s different!

Combo Vending machines

Combo machines

Our combo machines are the most popular types of vending machines. They offer the flexibility and choice of having both drinks and snacks in the single machine.

What are some of the key vending machine features?

Vending Machine Features

Which vending machine is right for me?

We’ll help you decide this one. Told you – it’s absolutely hassle free!

We’ll work with you to determine the correct size of the vending machine that will fit within the site specific dimensions and more importantly will be suited to your needs.

How Much It Costs

Delivery and Installation
Regular Product Restocking
Maintenance and Repair

Next steps

Vending Machine Steps for Set up

Something little extra...

At Perth Vending we want to recognize your efforts and hard work in organising a vending machine service. So here’s something little extra for you…

Refer a site to us. For every successful installation we’ll give you a referral bonus!

Sounds too good to be true? We’re not kidding.

Need a vending machine? Shoot us a message now!