Drink Vending Machines.

Don’t be limited to just one brand. Be ready to be surprised with our variety.

At Perth Vending, we can offer a range of thirst quenchers at your fingertips. We can supply all your favourites in one vending machine. You can never have too much choice!

We can offer a unique drink selection that caters for a range of users from soft drinks, hydrating coconut water, fresh juices, protein shakes, iced coffees and energy drinks.

With our easy-to-use and eco-friendly drink vending machines you won't be disappointed.

Drink Vending Machine


Estimated number of users10+30+60+
Total number of product selections183040
Can and Bottle Combination selectionYesYesYes
Change giverYesYesYes
Note readerOptionalOptionalOptional
Credit card readerNoNoNo
Dimensions700mm (W)
620mm (D)
1830mm (H)
870mm (W)
620mm (D)
1830mm (H)
995mm (W)
620mm (D)
1830mm (H)

Premium Drink Vending Machine


Estimated number of users60+
Total number of product selections45
Can and Bottle Combination selectionYes
Change giverYes
Note readerYes
Credit card readerYes
Dimensions1194mm (W)
813mm (D)
1830mm (H)