Food and Drink Vending Machines for Fitness.

Transform the experience for your clients by simply adding one of our vending machines! Stocked with energy supplements, healthy food, water including electrolyte enhanced vitamin water, trail mixes, pre-mixed protein shakes – be assured that our vending machines will add the final touch for any gym-goer or fitness enthusiast.

Don’t be limited to just one brand. Be ready to be surprised with our variety.

How will Perth Vending transform the fitness experience?

At Perth Vending, we can provide a tailored service to suit your fitness centre – be it a gym, aquatic centre, a yoga studio, dance studio etc. This means that you can reap the benefits of our free sports vending machines with absolutely no hassle at all!

With a Perth Vending machine, we can provide an end-to-end service which would include:

  1. Installing the highest quality vending machines
  2. Stocking a wide range of products suited to your clients’ needs
  3. Competitive prices
  4. Regular product stocking and vending machine maintenance
  5. Cashless payment options
gym vending machines

At Perth Vending we know the hassle of carrying around jiggling coins to the gym. Our cashless payment technology fitted into our vending machines means that your members can purchase products via paypass/paywave both through bankcards and their mobile phones! This would provide customers with the enhanced experience of accessing their favourite products with just one-touch!

Our gym vending machines are just as important as the fitness equipment. Check out our FREE vending machines page for more info.

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