Food and Drink Vending Machines for Health & Aged Care.

In today’s healthcare world, we appreciate the contribution you are making to our wellbeing. We understand the stress that is associated with the situations you, patients and their families and friends face and that is why we have designed our vending machines to offer the perfect welcoming break.

With convenient access to a wide range of snacks and drinks as refreshments, the healthcare vending machines provide a one-stop-shop solution across healthcare and other emergency facilities in Perth.

Why choose our health and aged care vending machines?

Whether you want a vending machine for the waiting room, reception or inside critical medical facilities - the health and aged care vending machines are perfectly suited for high traffic areas and high-volume products. Our vending machines are designed to give fast turnaround even in busy working environments.

Following a simple process, we ensure that we provide the best healthcare vending experience to give to the end users. With a service oriented approach, we provide the following services free of charge:

(1) Delivery and Installation

(2) Regular Product Restocking

(3) Maintenance and Repair

healthcare vending machines

Moreover, we can work with you to stock the products that you want to ensure you get the maximum value and best vending experience.

This means that you get a customised solution, tailored to suit your needs with absolutely no hassle.

To add on, our competitive prices and cashless payment options will provide the ultimate vending experience at the tip of your fingertips.

We can supply all your favourites in one vending machine. You can never have too much choice! Check out our FREE vending machines page for more info.

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