Healthy Vending Machines.

Have a snack… the healthy way. Guilt-free and fuss-free within the press of a button (or 2!).

Our vending machines will always stock the latest products in the market, giving you choice, variety and keeping you on track with the hottest trends in the “healthy” industry.

Our delicious range of healthy treats will be sure to satisfy. Here is a sneak peek of some of our favourites…

Harvest box snacks

For seriously simply nutritious snacking, the Harvest Box trail mixes and super seed snacks combine a plethora of good-for-you ingredients, from Vitamin E-enriching sunflower seeds to protein-boosting almonds and many more in between! Stay fuller for longer with the goodness packs, and instead of a mid afternoon slump, feel the vigour right through to dinner time - Bonus!

Just Jerky

High Protein – Low Fat – Gluten Free – All Natural – Paleo Friendly

It’s all about fueling your daily adventure. Just Jerky makes Australia’s finest quality beef jerky selected from 100% locally-sourced grass fed beef. Packed with a flavour-filled kick, the beef jerky offers essential minerals and vitamins, with the naturally occurring super protein giving you added strength to sustain you throughout the day.

Coconut Water

Naturally refreshing, coconut water has fewer calories than a sports drink, and re-hydrates the body faster than water! Rich in powerful antioxidants and potassium, coconut water doesn’t just quench your thirst, it helps keep your body strong and your mind invigorated. Best of all, it’s 100% fat free!

Carman’s museli bars

It’s simply Carman’s muesli in a bar! Enjoy a chock full of Australian wholegrain oats, crunchy nuts, wholesome seeds and cinnamon for the ultimate experience. These scrumptious bars make the perfect snack to keep you energised all morning or all afternoon.

Health lab Protein smoothie

Health Lab is all about simply giving women what they want with on-the-go, guilt-free products designed by busy women, for busy women!

The protein smoothies have 156 calories or less, 17g of protein, no refined sugar and packed with vitamins and minerals. With protein known for satisfying appetites & sugar cravings, these smoothies are sure to be energising, most natural, and most delicious on-the-go treats.

But that’s not all!

We have lots more healthy options.

Visit our products page for the full range or contact us with your query.

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