Vending Machines for Aged Care Homes.

Access to Quick Refreshments For People Working 24/7

Transform the experience for your clients by simply adding one of our vending machines! Stocked with energy supplements, healthy food, water including electrolyte enhanced vitamin water, trail mixes, pre-mixed protein shakes – be assured that our vending machines will add the final touch for any gym-goer or fitness enthusiast.

Don’t be limited to just one brand. Be ready to be surprised with our variety.

Provide the staff and visitors with healthy and quick refreshment alternatives!

Perth Vending Machines offer excellent and bespoke vending solutions for aged care home across Perth. Stocked with a wide range of nutritious snacks and drinks, our aged care vending machines are one-stop shops for the staff and visitors have a refreshment break, anytime.

How Our Vending Machine for Aged Care Help?

Boost Staff’s Productivity and Morale

A productive day at aged care calls for a little downtime and a relaxing break. Whether carers or managers, every member of aged care needs to slow down and take some time off to energise their minds and body. We stock the vending machines with an array of nutritious and delicious refreshment options, enabling the staff to turn their break into a refreshing retreat.

A Pleasurable Break For Visitors

Vending machines operating in aged care is an excellent way to offer a welcoming treat for visitors. These machines offer visitors more than just a cup of coffee, a can of coke or a pack of chips. We stock the vending machine with a multitude of tasty and wholesome snacks/beverage options. This enables the aged care visitors to quench their thirst or satisfy the sudden hunger pangs even if it’s an odd hour when they can access a cafeteria.

What Does Perth Vending Machines Provide?

With our no-fees, no-fuss vending machines, we deliver the best vending experience for our end-users at the aged care homes. Filling up the machines with a variety of wholesome snacks and beverages, we focus on providing a smooth and intuitive vending solution.

With a service-oriented approach, we provide the following services free of charge:

(1) Delivery and Installation

(2) Regular Product Restocking

(3) Maintenance and Repair

No Cookie Cutter Approach - Customised Solutions is Our Forte

We stock vending machines tailored to suit your specific needs with no hassles.

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