Free Vending Machines.

We understand getting a vending machine can be a difficult process - you may not know which machine to buy, the costs, the long-term expenses, the need to regularly refill the machine, hold excess stock etc.

With our Free Vending Machines - you don't need to worry about any of this.

Why Perth Vending?

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Beautiful machines.

Only the finest machinery.

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A huge product selection to satisfy your cravings.

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Healthy options.

It's not just chocolate bars and chips at Perth Vending.

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Brand new machinery, improved insulation, and efficient compressors halves our energy footprint.

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24 hour turnarounds.

In the (rare) event of a fault, we'll be out to fix it the next day - at the latest.

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Well planned routes means we're attending your organisation at least once a week.

A Simple Process

It’s a simple process and you can enjoy the convenience of it all within no time!

1. Lodge your enquiry on our website and a Perth Vending representative will get in touch with you within 24 hours to assess your requirements and work with you to find a solution.
2. We’ll then discuss the appropriate product selection with you.
3. Following this, we will deliver and set up the machine at a suitable location on your premises.
4. Once you’re all set up, we will regularly stock your vending machine. Service and maintenance will be carried out regularly to ensure you get maximum value.

How Much It Costs

Delivery and Installation
Regular Product Restocking
Maintenance and Repair

Your Choice of Machine

We’ve got you covered with our range of premium vending machines. Take a look to find out which one suits you.

Need a vending machine? Shoot us a message now!

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